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Thesis Compilations
Norm Rolondo has put together and made available for purchase collections of Black Belt theses that were submitted to him over his 40 plus years of instructing Kenpo.
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Are now available for $15 each or
all 5 for $60.
To order, call Norm Rolando at:
(763) 427-0208
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Junior Black Belt Thesis Collection

Tables of Content
Book 1 TOC


Table of Contents

Dear Brown Belt – Norm Rolando

Why Strike There? – Norm Rolando

Zones of Kenpo – Louise B. Dickson

Benefits of Practicing Kenpo Karate – Mark Peterson

American Kenpo Karate Associations Alphabet Soup – Dennis Bechly

Tradition, Loyalty, Respect – Jim Atherton

Archery – Steve Huonder

A Comparison of Ed Parker’s American Kenpo and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – Dave Strobel

Karate and Young Athletes: The Cross Training Advantage – Mike Langer

Why We Use Pressure Points in Karate – Dan Hatcher


Table of Contents


Concepts for Women’s Self-Defense – Heather Tibbles-Vassilev

Power Generation: A brief Inquiry – Josh Bickler

History of Chinese Martial Arts and Karate – Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

History and Analysis of Vital Points in the Martial Arts – Paul Zak

Teaching Kenpo Karate – Sue Cross

Dealing with Fatigue – Norm Rolando

Book 2 TOC
Book 3 TOC


Table of Contents


Hurt, Harm & Injury: Common (and some not so common) Martial Arts Injuries – Dennis Bechly

Japanese Swords – Sue Cross

Background on Sun Salutation use in Karate as Part of Warm-Ups – Dan Hatcher

Archery Revisited – Steven M. Huonder

Pressure Points in Self Defense – Mark Peterson

Business Plan – Martial Arts Studio – Norm Rolando

Elbow Set 1 & 2 – Dave Strobel

Kenpo Principles and Styles – Paul Zak

Martial Arts & My Life – Mike Herman

Self Defense, Sexual Violence, and American Kenpo – Aeryle Kuehn

Conditioning of Athletes – Norm Rolando

Back Knuckle Movement Time Compression – Norm Rolando

Book 4 TOC


Table of Contents


Zone Theories – Mark Peterson

A Philosophy and Ethic for Martial Training – Dennis Bechly

Yellow Belt Summary – Norm Rolando

Why You Need to be a Smart Dummy – Dave Strobel

Crossbows Yesterday and Today – Steve Huonder

The Affects of Kung Fu Cinema on the Influence of Kenpo – Aeryle Kuehn

Torque, Gravity, and Momentum: Three Sources of Power in Karate – Thomas Hexum

Levers on Karate: A Simple Machine in Self Defense – Andrew Hexum

Book 5 TOC


Table of Contents


Controlling My Tiger – Taylor Anderson

Weapons of the Art – Cole Bechly

The Nine Principles of Kenpo – Anna Kasper

The History of American Kenpo Karate – Mark Jorgenson

Kenpo and Taekwondo How Close are They – Neal Mukherjee

How Karate Has Affected My Life – Melissa Wagner

Pushing Hands – Brandon Dale

Fight Physics – Saren Taking

DVD Video Game – Leif Coleman

Comparative Analysis of Kenpo Karate in Video Games – Sam Anderson

(Initial Proposal Only) Types of Target, Targets and Effects – Dylan Younger

Kidney v. Bladder: Contrasting the Differences in the Targets Presented On the Body – Benjamin Wagner

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