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Champion Youth Programs
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Champion Youth Karate is a well structured program designed to enhance self-control, self-esteem and safety awareness as well as promoting communication skills, responsible citizenship, drug avoidance and personal safety.   Self-discipline and practical self-defense, rather than aggression, is emphasized.  This is not the commonly found dance, acrobatic or sport type of marital art activity.  Classed are a well planned blend of basic karate moves, self-defense combinations and role playing.  We do not fight.

Parent participation with their child is encouraged at no extra charge.  There is never a testing fee and students can progress to yellow belt and higher by continuing in the program.

Classes for beginner, returning and advanced students are offered in multiple week sessions at various locations throughout the Twin Cities area.  Registration is handled primarily through the participating Community Ed or Parks and Rec program.  Check out a class of interest nearest  you.

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Tel: 763-427-0208

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